A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

Kaiyenna: You love visiting Oma and Opa’s farm. We went exploring in the neighbor’s field and you of course had to bring your bag and wear your bracelets. You don’t like to go anywhere without your accessories. Your bag is always filled with little treasures. Lately, your bag has been filled with a pen, notepad, pirate eye patch, pirate bandana, wallet, and jewelry. 


Naiya: Each week I can see more of your personality coming through and I realize how different you are from your sister. You are fearless! That could be why you are already doing so much. You also LOVE animals. Kaiyenna is very cautious around animals but you just want to grab a hold of any animal you can get your hands on. You LOVED the donkeys at Opa’s farm. There was not one bit of fear with them. 
I am excited to join Jodi’s A Portrait a Week project for this year.
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